Individual Reflections - Marcellus Chang

Day 1:

What interests you about this project?I am interested in building composite materials and using the microscope.

 What do you want to learn by doing this project?I want to learn more about composite materials and university life.

 What questions do you have about this project?What are the hazards of making composite materials?

 What do you personally want to have achieved by the end of this project? To be able to apple the knowledge to my daily life.


My key learning points from each session:
  1. Plenary session by Professor Kerry Sieh
From the session, I have learned about choosing our careers and more about earthquakes. From the presentation, we looked at tsunami cycles, and how they affect the sediments. From there, we find out that earthquakes cause islands along the mega trust to be lowered into the sea as the plates buckle. When the pressure releases, the islands will return to normal sea level. Because of that, the coral reefs in the sea would be destroyed as they have no water, and any plants at the coast would die when the island has a lower sea level.
  1. IT for Animation by Professor Seah Hock Soon
From the sessions, I finally found out how tedious it is to animate 2D animations. I also learned the many different types of animations. I also learned that math and calculus will be added into the different special effects to make the special effects look real. I also learned that 3D can be easy to animate and is cheaper to animate than 2D animations. Also, I learned that Avatar uses motion capture rather than animation to make the aliens look real.
  1. Innovative breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology by Professor Ma Jan
From this talk, I learned that nano-technology can be used to accomplish many feats, including making armor more bullet-proof. Also, I learned that nano-technology can be done easily and there might be faults in what is previously thought to be correct and nano-technology can be easy to manipulate.
New questions I have about the topic are:
  1. What more can be done?
  2. Can animations be done easier?
  3. Can nano-technology be done by people like us?
Day 2:

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