Individual Reflections - Darren Lim

Day 1 Reflections
My key learning points from each session...
  • Earthquakes in Sumatra by Prof Kerry Sieh
Earthquakes can be studied through many methods like:
  • Studying the coral reefs’ growths
  • Analyzing soil samples
  • Observing the vegetation on the lands
  • Using technology like GPS 
Tsunamis can be studied through observing the layers of different soil being washed up on land by the water during tsunamis.
Observing the vegetation on the land can show the destructibility of the tsunami.
Scientists also use these datas to predict future earthquakes and tsunamis. 
  • IT Animation by Prof Seah Hock Soon
Animating the physics of objects and the light requires mathematical formulae. Hence it is very tedious and expensive to animate 2D animations as it requires a lot of drawing, colouring etc. 
I also learnt how directors use technology to create 3D animations like using cameras to capture the emotions and actions of the actors and copy it over to the 3D avatars to realistically animate the emotions of the characters in the animation. 
  • Innovative breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology by Prof Ma Jan
Nano technology is very helpful and is used in many ways to improve human’s live.
Contact lenses invented by scientists in singapore with nano technology has many nano holes to allow the eye to be exposed to air for use over a long period of time. 
A bulletproof material made using nano technology is used to resist armoured piercing rounds.
Nano technology is also used in biotech where they build artificial ball and socket joints or artificial lenses for the eyes and hence nano technology can contribute to innovative breakthroughs in the future. 

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